Walking with A (Wo)Man’s Bestfriend

2018 10 15 DSC_0257 828

One of our favorite places to take our walk is the “La Mesa Eco Park” in Quezon City, an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Maxie just turned 4, a month ago. Click image to enlarge.

Every other day I try my best to walk Maxie and today is one of her lucky days! So I am at her beck and call on this sunny and quiet Monday. The only drawback here is my fear that Maxie would suddenly pull the leash and try to ran after a cat or another dog she sees because she will then turn into a massive and aggressive 78-pound 4 year old German Shepherd who is unstoppable when she’s after some prey. And I look so puny beside her. So I try to shorten the leash so she won’t be able to easily put all her strength on her shoulders and most dog owners would agree that it’s just even a fraction of what they are truly capable of.

So I avoid the route where I know there’s lots of dogs and cats loitering about or simply make sure we finish our 3.5 km (average distance according to the MapMyWalk app that I turn on when we have these walks) quiet route which is usually a 30-35 minute walk around the block near the house just to ensure that Maxie and myself were able to really have a good walk and a pretty good sweat. There are times we go to La Mesa Eco Park, a wild jungle carved into a recreation park in Quezon City (2 kms from where we are located now). It features towering trees, botanical gardens (pictured above), camping grounds, and other sports activities. An oasis in the middle of the city.

This is Maxie when I tell her that there’s “No Walk” today (when it’s raining etc.) … the look on her face speaks volumes! Click image to enlarge

Walking Maxie is a very fulfilling experience specially if there’s no distractions (cats, dogs barking, etc.). The walk itself is very satisfying, you get to stretch your legs and your canine friend also gets the exercise she needs. So we both look around, enjoy the scenery, fallen leaves on the pavement, view the beautiful green trees on both sides of the road with the blue sky as its background. And with the gentle wind on our faces, so utterly relaxing and satisfying… and a most welcome experience for me and my dog with me stuck mostly on my computer chair banging on the keyboard the entire week and Maxie just lying in one corner of our flat most of the time sad and wishing I’d take her out for a walk…

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