I decided to look for another place about 3 weeks ago because I couldn’t stand seeing the pots and basins on the middle of my living floor trying to catch the water leaking from my ceiling. There’s no rain… these are just water from the 2nd floor neighbor. Whenever he switches on his air conditioner, our living room floor gets flooded. It’s even worst, if it rains or there’s a storm, our bathroom floor gets flooded too from the roof gutters of our neighbor adjacent to the house. I got so fed up calling my landlady who also kept trying to ask their handyman to locate the source of the leak, to no avail. They said they will put a roof on the 2nd floor rooftop to finally stop the water from seepinng through our ceilings. But she said she will have it done by January of 2019! I told her I can’t wait that long… we’ll all end up with pneumonia by that time, even Maxie is already experiencing constant coughing, and that makes me nervous because dogs can’t tell us how they’re feeling.

So here I am, just recently found another apartment who’s owner agreed to have Maxie with us. The new place is nicer and newer than the old one. It’s a 4-unit apartment building and I chose the last unit because of the beautiful old mango tree which shades the apartment from the intense sunlight coming through during the afternoons. Hence, it’s cooler which means I can still postpone buying an air conditioner because I know its inevitable to buy even a small one in anticipation of the very hot summer here in the country.

Another chapter in my life here in the metropolis… I’ve moved so many times, I can’t recall how many. I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to go home to my hometown considering that our family residence (the house where we all grew up) there is a whole lot bigger than all the apartments I’ve lived in, in Metro Manila, because every 5 or more years, a huge flood almost always happens. The flood reaches to as high as 5 feet inside our living room and I don’t want to have that neither, with all my laptops, printers, gadgets and paraphernalia, that I need for my everyday living! My hometown, is a coastal place, very near the sea, yet it gets flooded now and then now NOT because of seawater but because of waters coming from up above the mountains 65-80 kilometers away which is practically 3 cities away… Our mountains are bare already, no more trees to hold back the rains… “Forests and trees make an essential contribution to food security by helping to maintain the environmental conditions needed for agricultural production. They stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, enhance the land’s capacity to store water, and moderate air and soil temperatures.” – FAO. We’ve known this since we were kids in Elementary School, and in High School, and even in the University.

“Extreme weather made worse by unchecked mining and logging projects in the watersheds of Northern Mindanao have rendered thousands homeless in the aftermath of Typhoon Sendong.” Louise Dumas. Photo courtesy

But we never learn. As a result, we suffer. So many literature online and in books about the effects of soil erosion, forest destruction, ad infinitum and yet here we are again and again… the floods keep coming… Our governments file bills and make laws about Climate Change and re-forestation but Government bureacrats and officials from the same Government agencies are opening their hands (for bribes) so companies most of them multinationals can continue pillaging our lands and steal our natural resources (Nickel, copper, flora and fauna, etc.)

2013 1 20 img_5314 overlooking markoe cove, puerto galera philippines

Everywhere you go in the mountains, or near beaches, there are still a little bit left of the Philippines utterly compelling natural beauty. Taken in January 20, 2013, overlooking Markoe Cove, Puerto Gallera, Mindoro Philippines. Credit: Author

“The Philippines is considered a mega-diversity country rivaled only by a few countries in the world when it comes to variety of ecosystems, species and genetic resources. Many of the island comprising the archipelago are believed to have a very high degree of land and animal endemism. The country hosts more than 52,177 described species of which more than half is found nowhere else in the world (Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Priorities: A second iteration of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, 2002). On a per unit area basis, the Philippines probably harbors more diversity of life than any other country on the planet.” It’s mind boggling, how one can willfully or with utter greed can destroy such beauty in our lands. God help us all!

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