Welcome to this tiny little space on the net. Everyone and anyone can comment or even suggest some modifications if there’s a need to do so, but please don’t be harsh. As with so many would be writers out there, this is a form of expression of a great wanderer, a wanderer of the world, a wanderer of books, a wanderer of nature and its wonders, a wanderer among human beings, now it’s more like a wanderer of the great world wide web. Since the web is already the cheapest form of travel most of us can afford these days. There is always a sense of wanderlust in me (I think most human beings do have this too!) the minute I set out to anywhere, whether to the outside real world, exploring new places of interest, and to the virtual world, where millions of websites are created everyday, some are amazing, some are educational and some are weird and that includes the excitement I feel when opening the first page of a new book… oh this tops them all …and reading the first few lines… “Call me Ishmael…!” I mean… how cool is that?  I can’t seem to stop my sense of wonder that there are still gazillions of things waiting to be learned and explored and there’s so little time…

It feels so wonderful, so gratifying when one is able to express oneself, put something in writing, and know that we have at last found something, a personal arena so to speak, to spill our guts onto, even the subconscious ones without being sued! Hahaha. I know the Internet is such a powerful medium and I will make sure that whatever this tiny platform puts forward will in some way educate some people and share and enhance whatever they have already learned through all the years of living in this difficult yet wonderful world we live in. It always never ceases to amaze me further that I can learn from some of the most unusual places or sites in the world when I feel I am already an accomplished woman.

So I will once in a while visit this site and express myself freely and free my mind of the baggage I have collected all over my wanderings, some might be innane, bits of critiques, some are encouraging, some may inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings but hopefully may  have the opposite effect to others and could even be constructive too. If this in any way can do some good, then I will thank my Maker, but if it does bad or the result of my amorphous mind’ wanderings and criticisms, result into something we or some of us do not like, then this is in no way intentional on my part. And, I call myself “thegreatwanderer”, so whoever refutes that, come forward, speak now or forever hold your peace! Thank you Lord, for the power of free speech and the Internet! Welcome all!!


2 Responses to About

  1. Vicky says:

    Hi! You have accomplished some us haven’t yet. So bring it on, and reading them will be fun.

    • Thank you Vicky! I feel this is also one those journeys that some of us go to …you know… just be lost and find out where we are going to end up to while enjoying the experience…as they say.. it’s the journey that matters not the destination or something like it.

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