Music has played an important part of my life. It has inspired me, has moved me to tears and has given me company and happiness in all the years that I have felt so down and out. Hence, it shouldn’t surprised those who come in to read this blogs that this will be a part of my site, a part of my wanderings. These are for creative people, young and old who played great music, sang beautifully and just plain made my days awesome!

I needed to post it here again because I just wanted to make sure I won’t forget the music.  I become teary-eyed when I go back and listen to their music blended together. I posted this Youtube performance to my home page yesterday, I downloaded it for surety. A viral hit with 36 million hits to this date. Thank you Mark Johnson (founder of “Playing for Change“).

Dulce. A single syllable name which is in the Philippines no other than Maria Llemado-Cruz. A name synonymous with “excellence” in singing here in the Philippines. She might not be or her gift might not be as well marketed in the world as Barbra Streisand nor Celine Dion but her voice more than match theirs. Dulce is a GREAT singer, she doesn’t need to be marketed because once she sings, everyone listens. It is a very unnerving, soulful and heartfelt voice. I will feel so honored if ever I meet this woman.

Soulful and with a touch of toughness, that is Tracy Chapman for me. An inspiration for me to never leave my guitar alone. Despite being a mediocre guitarist, I still strum it once in a while and listen to Tracy Chapman’s very wonderful rhythmic voice!

I love Brandi Carlile. Great voice from a very simple woman. No hype just plain singing. The above song I think better explains what sort of artist she is, one who doesn’t give much thought about life’s accessories and she doesn’t seem to care that much about her looks which is admirable for someone who has so many who adore her singing. I’m so sure I’m not the only one.

One of the best singers and musician, the US has produced, India.Arie! Awesome! And she writes her own songs too! Her songs are full of integrity. Sometimes even makes myself ashamed of some of my own flaws. But hey, we are all too human!

I have always tried my best to strum the chords of the song, “Me and Bobby Mcgee”, which I first heard from the original Janis Joplin’s version. But that time,  I could hardly understand the words she was singing. It was only after hearing Pink’s version of the song, that I was finally able to play the song on my guitar. I loved Pink’s version of it and I’m quite sure that whoever will hear her version of it will love the way Pink sang it, too.

One of the most wonderful songs ever sang by an artist, Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. I so love this song, maybe because of my father’s influence, who love Armstrong’s gravelly but melodious voice too. A very simple song with simple almost lullaby-like words. I miss my father when I listen to Armstrong sing this song. I miss his company and I miss the time when I talked to him which wasn’t much because he was always so tired and so busy specially during the last few years of his life and I was in college.

Amy Winehouse, such a sad story. Too good, too young, too misunderstood. They called her, “the best young jazz singer ever produced by the English people!” I love this song very much. Always on my desktop, my son, once told me,”Why play her now, that she’s dead?”. I don’t know, how can you explain something to an 11-year old kid, whose greatest hero is Spiderman? So, I told him, maybe when you grow up, there won’t be any need to explain. I just love her that’s all. Maybe because she is also weird like me. I love weird and smart people and Amy Winehouse is just that!

I would feel this music section of mine won’t be complete without Barbra Streisand. All through my younger years, I grew up first listening to my father listening to her and then I grew up loving her voice. I am not a musical genius, but I will feel hypocritical If I don’t put Barbra Streisand here. Because she is amazing, different maybe to some but still you can’t deny her the kudos, of course she already has millions of laurels so to speak. But they are there to entertain us simple people. People who envies her, well they should try do good too in their own fields, use and nurture whatever God has blessed them with and just stop bickering and bullying people who just happens to be good at what they do and who did all they can to be the best in their fields!


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