Maxie – The New Love of My Life

Maxie, taken recently... at 5 months and 17 days. She's actually sick here with "pano."

Maxie, taken recently to the vet… at 5 months and 17 days. She’s actually sick here with “pano.”

2014 12 14 3 mos & 5 days

2014 Dec. 14: Maxie – 5 days after arrival in our home.

Her name is Maxie… a german shepherd. I’ve always wanted to have one since I grew up with two of them during the first 16 years of my life. My father’s influence again, he loves the breed. So I got Maxie from a Vet who lives in Bulacan (I wanted to make sure that the previous owner is reliable and of course complete with the necessary PCCI papers) …and got her when she was 3 months which is common practice. I had to hire a van to fetch her there since Leslie the Vet, couldn’t make it to Trinoma, the first agreed drop-off point.

2015 2 26 1st 5 mos & 17 days

Taken just a week ago Feb. 26, 2015 (same day as the top photo). Maxie is 5 months, 17 days on this photo.

The first time I carried her over to the van, she was shivering with fright and I was able to calm her down right up to the van’s backseat and she sat on my lap while we were travelling back to Quezon City. She was calm during the ride which was for me a great sign. Dogs are very adaptable and innately friendly. I told my son before I got her, that we both won’t have any Christmas presents, because the german shepherd took all my savings away. I practically “scrounge” whatever extra I could put aside, because I was too excited to get a german shepherd. It took me two years. I’ve been researching online for german shepherds for almost two years, studied them all over again… how to raise and feed them, common ailments, etc. And finally… thank GOD I was able to get Maxie. And of course, my son was as excited as I was because he wanted to have a dog for the longest time too.

Maxie, always finds a way to sneak "under the keyboard table" and sleeps on my feet...

Maxie, always finds a way to sneak “under the keyboard table” and sleeps on my feet while I’m working!

Maxie, kept me company every day at home when I’m pounding on the keyboard working my butt off. Sometimes, she just sleeps and sometimes she messes around “literally” and figuratively.. hahah.. but that’s just part of owning a dog. I walk Maxie almost every day, from 7:30 a.m. to approximately 8:15 a.m. The time I allot myself to “cook” and advise my boss “online”, that I need to cook and I hurry to put on my sneakers grab Maxie’s leash and call Maxie, that we’re ready to go for the daily walk! And Maxie immediately drops whatever it is she was doing (mostly chewing everything in sight and now it’s a doormat…sometimes it would be slippers or his usual chew toys) would always come bouncing and so excited to go out. The walk with Maxie is approximately 2 kms, all the way to the corner of Winston St. in Fairview and back home and this is a daily routine… Sometimes, we pass by “carenderias” and I buy food for his lunch and sometimes if there isn’t anything to buy, I feed her, raw chicken which is what is always available in the fridge, and he just wolfs it down and as soon as I look back at his dish, the food’s gone! If I am too tired to walk we put it off the next day. Harry “promised” me that he would do the same every afternoon and walk Maxie too… and as usual sometimes he does it and sometimes he doesn’t…


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Robin Williams…Goodbye To You My Trusted Friend

Robin Williams RIPOne of my idols just died this morning, he was 63..Robin Williams…just shocked…”It’s as though we’ve been told the moon spun out of orbit or that water no longer boiled, or froze, at the proper temperature. If Robin Williams is dead, then light no longer refracts, atoms no longer bond and gravity has gone out of business. Yes. It’s that implausible,” by Gene Seymour, the film critic who wrote about his demise on CNN (Seymour just took the words out of my mouth…).

It is completely incredible…!!! I will miss him…truly miss the man, the compleat actor, the comic genius, and the human being. I know these words are not enough to describe such a “man.”

He is “my man,” whenever I’m lonely and alone. I always kept a video (the Inside Actor’s Studio) of him on my desktop. I turn to it whenever I am feeling down. I feel like I lost a friend. I know he is a friend to millions of admirers around the world, too.

“Goodbye, to you my trusted friend…
When all the birds are singing in the sky;
Now that the spring is in the air,
With the flowers everywhere,
I wish that we could both be there!” (Seasons in the Sun)

God rest his soul in peace.

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Finally, the First on My Bucket List…

5 IMG_5927Took me a while…but finally had a chance to go to Boracay…considered by some as one of the best beaches in the world…and it’s in my country…Praise God…Went there with my son Harry, my nieces Aisha Hope and Gene Rudie. The feeling was like coming home. I have grown up near the beach and stayed near it for the first 16 years of my life. I have always loved the sea, but work and the rigours of daily living have kept me apart from it. So visiting it after such a long time was such a wondrous experience and visiting it with my love ones was pure gravy!

There are myriads of stories, or articles already written about Boracay, so this snippet will just be one among many. This spectacular white beach, one of the most popular in the Philippines is God’s gift to us Filipinos and I thank God I was able to visit it and enjoy one of my dream destinations. Suffice it to say, the visit to Boracay was short but oh so awesome!

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Bye… Bye… Blackbird….

Nelson MandelaSad day…yesterday… Spent the whole day contemplating, sat on the kitchen floor, drinking coffee when I heard the news… Have not had that in a while… Nelson Mandela just died. I don’t know why but I suddenly rememberd Ella Fitzgerald’s song… Bye, bye blackbird… So long! Rest in Peace. I am just so sure he will end up there with Him.

“Pack up all my care and woe
Here I go, singing low
Bye-bye, blackbird

Where somebody waits for me
Sugar’s sweet and so is he
Bye, bye, blackbird …So long blackbird, bye-bye

As my sister said, well he is 95 years old! He has had his share already and done it well too. Amen to that. He has got to rest somehow. So much hardship, torture, loneliness, I mean death should be very comforting for him. So much hype, all the media… I’m sure he doesn’t care about all the hoopla too. It’s just not worth it. I think Peace is the epitome of a Life’s journey and I think Nelson Mandela wants that at his age. Talk about been there, done that… Well I don’t know if someone else can match that… oh Mother Teresa of course. Maybe there’s so many out there too, just unsung, struggling in their own corner of the world. But we all have that too, I think each of us struggle sometimes, and succeeds in some areas, but failed in some… Ashleigh Brilliant comes to mind again. Oh well… N’est ce pas?

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The Epitome of an Actor

One of the most loved, admired, and respected Hollywood Actors, also a genius in our
“midst,” Robin Williams. I urge any reader, listener and viewer to watch this episode of  Inside The Actor’s Studio. There’s 7 parts in Youtube. I enjoyed watching him morphed into several beings and still do, til this day…I downloaded the whole video in my computer so I can watch it, and watch it and watch it. Whenever I feel down, I watch it and laugh again and again and again. Thank GOD I had a chance to “see” the guy perform in movies and maybe one day, I will be able to meet the guy and admire his genius up close and personal.

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My First Vacation in Three Years…Totally Drenched…

Flooding in Quezon City

A Quezon City road. Notice, you can’t find where the road gutter is anymore.

Talk about irony…I was so excited that I finally have a vacation, short (five measly days!)  but I’d rather have that than having none at all. So I pictured myself walking among tall trees with my son and just a backpack for each of us or maybe sunning ourselves on the beach. And then the storms came and washed away those daydreams. The heavy monsoon rains were relentless. It just rained and rained and rained for one whole week, last week, that there was flooding everywhere in the city! I thank God we live on the second floor of a flat, otherwise, we might have been swimming already in order to go from one area of the place to the next.

DSC_0139We cleaned instead, there were leaks everywhere! And molds came and just decided to stay in our cabinets and beds. So I cleaned and bleached everything. Turned tables and beds upside down. This was my first day back from “vacation” and I could hardly lift my fingers to type and the smell of bleach still on my hands, it just won’t go away. So exhausted. Maybe the storms were GOD’s way of telling me, I need to clean up our place? But it was always clean in the first place. Nonetheless, I still consider myself luckier than most of my countrymen, they weren’t just drenched, they lost their homes and belongings. Still, I hope…and pray that the sun will come out soon. So gloomy outside, not even a blue sky. God help us.

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The Genius in Our Midst

Archive from Strandbeest on Vimeo.

This video and a set of images which is shown on Theo Jansen’s website was shared to us by a colleague. I am just blown away by the brilliance of the guy. Amazing Grace! One of God’s gift to mankind! The video is self-explanatory…

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