When I say places on this section… the song by Leon Russell always comes to mind…”I’ve been to many places in my life and time…” That song is so poignant for me, it never fails to strike a cord in my heart. But not Russell’s version, the one by Ray Charles…now I call that one bloody good singing!  So I thought why not upload it here and let others enjoy it too? Maybe just to remind some that there are still more wonderful people to discover out there that might have missed our attention because we are too busy with our own life’s events. Thank God for the Internet and Technology, most of the incredibly amazing people, places and events is faithfully preserved in this virtual world.

Listening to this song by Ray Charles always gives me goosebumps… I hope you liked it as much as I did. All the time for me, as a matter of fact!

So this section is for places. Places I might have gone to or places I might have seen physically, virtually or even I have dreamed of visiting but had only seen in movies, television or even the local newspaper or magazine. So just places, even the nearest diner would constitute as one. Hence, any place that had caught my attention which I feel deserves to be mentioned in here. Or these could be the places that have made me cry because it is just so wonderful that the only way we could express how we feel about it is to show you the image of it that it doesn’t need any words. Some may be amazing, some ordinary but meaningful and some may even be decrepit. But the word “ordinary” sometimes has different connotations for each of us so whatever it is, it is a venue for things happening or will happen or might have already happened.

My friend Shereen was right when she said nothing compares to the beauty and glory as when GOD paints…It was actually an email I received from her which I lost a long time ago or maybe it’s just somewhere in my yahoo inbox..What that email said was that when God paints it is just so overwhelming, a feeling of verklempt, that it is difficult to find the right words to express how you feel when you witness the beauty of His creations. And it is amazing beauty no one can deny, if only they are true to themselves. There are so many “awesome places” surrounding us in the form of nature such as the Banaue Rice Terraces. I have been around my country but I never had the chance to visit this magnificent natural phenomenon. It was declared a Natural Cultural Treasure by the Philippine Government. These terraces were carved by the ancestors of the Ifugao’s (their indigenous inhabitants), 2000 to 6000 years ago and it has been suffering some erosion lately. I should hasten to visit it with my son soon before it may be completely eroded by man’s destructive attitude towards our natural environs.

This and a million other places, are places I would love to visit one day. Of course, just by looking at this photo, you could already guess it’s Boracay. I am not advertising the place. I just would love to visit it one day and just sit in one of these beach chairs and just relax and just suck in the cool, fresh, healing air. Free from sirens, free from dust and what have you in Manila. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way I do. I’d love to bring my son Harry with me and walk with him on its shores and just be carefree once in a while. GOD, how I’d love that!

I just did …err…I mean “we” just did… and thought it was the first on my bucket list. We finally went to Boracay… click here to see a few photos. And the experience was sweeter because I went there with some of my love ones. Alhamdullallah!

They call it “Pamukkale” or the Cotton Castle in Turkish. This is a very strange creation of God. I would love to go to Turkey too and visit this amazing wonder right near our doorstep. I used to work with Turkish people in Manama and they are very friendly and very courteous. A little bit of the “old-world” and its a bit charming for a very liberal woman like me. So I am quite sure if given the chance to visit this wonderful place I would enjoy it there.

There are only a few Architectural masterpieces which I know exist (am I glad I own this blog! So I can say these…) that has taken my breath away. One of them is the seemingly floating Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas. I discovered it while surfing and used the Bing search engine and it featured the Modern Art Museum’s glass paneled walls, fronted by a pond. Hence, it seems like it is floating. When I saw the photo, I was enchanted with the design. I was even more surprised that the Museum was designed by a Tadao Ando, whom I heard the first time while researching about the Museum and who designed it and who has had no formal training in Architecture. I found out about this  from a certain Ryan Mcdonald who mentioned Ando’s name and his design on his blogsite, thank you very much. Can you just imagine that? That is what you call genius! A GOD-given gift! Tadao Ando’s accomplishments as an Architect should be a testament to the fact that you don’t need so many initials at the end of your name in order to create a masterpiece, whether it be in architecture, science, technology or whatever else is there. You can just be free to create and express your brilliance in whatever form there is and people with integrity or those who are true to themselves will realize a masterpiece when they see one!


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